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  1. What come from the heart, sincere, full of innocence, betterment for humanity and if shakes the sky, will have chance of acceptance.

  2. Ahmadiyya Muslim Community launches a new state of the art website, to engage Christian, agnostic and atheist readers.

    Especially check out the Homepage and page about ‘Revelation,’ which is important as the secular world is in denial of it altogether.

    Find the link in the Muslim Times or try: http://islamforwest.org/

    Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

  3. Innocent, beautiful and touching
    Thanks for sharing
    I wish she was praying for a peaceful, trouble free, greed free, war free, rational and modest world. Amen
    The world is in dire need of all of them.

  4. She is looking beautiful,innocent and cute offering her dua. Although, I am not Ahmadi but I was impressed by her. I wish she was praying for Pakistani Ahmadies who are facing severe mental, physical, and social problems in Pakistan not only from Mullahs but also at government level. I believe she is also praying for the acceptance of Ahmadiyyiat by the whole world. Khuda karay essa he ho. Ameen

  5. She started her day as a Muslim.. God bless her.. I started my ” muslim life” at the age of 2.. supported by family , but it was not allowed to tell people. at that time 1968,1970, 1971… then I fullfilled my “RELIGIOUS NEEDS” by visiting orthodox and chatolic churches on the way back home from a kindergarden.. It is quite confusing for children.. but a need and a fact of God existing are stronger.. Whish her happy life.. she looks like my daughter..God save them..

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