Pentagon aims at target Pakistan

Source: Asia times on line

Syria will have to wait. The next stop in the Pentagon-coined “long war” is bound to be Pakistan. True, a war is already on in what the Barack Obama administration named AfPak. But crunch time in Pak itself looms closer and closer. Call it the “no bomb left behind” campaign.

Al-Qaeda is a thing of the past; after all, al-Qaeda assets such as Abdelhakim Belhaj are now running Tripoli. The new Washington-manufactured mega-bogeyman is now the Haqqani network.

A relentless, Haqqani-targeted manufacture of consensus industry is already on overdrive, via a constellation of the usual neo-conservative suspects, assorted Republican warmongers,

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4 replies

  1. The stage on which Pakistan has reached now was earned hard by its government official in decades. That is senseless moral less begging and dependence on American aid and IMF loans, even with the best and abundant treasures of natural resources available in Pakistan. The situation is heart aching.
    May Allah save Pakistan from inner and external dangers and enemies. Amen
    And May Allah give this nation the sense of real honor and dignity. Amen

    Apparently there is no solution that we can see. The only hope is God.

  2. It looks either by hook or crook, Pentagon this time is determined to have a bout with Pak Army. But when? One has to wait a little.

  3. Very right Anisa, a country cannot be independant if it relies on aid. We cannot keep on accepting / begging for aid and then complain because of the strings attached.

    A different view on this subject is that it seems when watching TV we can concentrate on the picture and on one written headline appearing below. Our mind therefore can ‘take in’ two different sources, but not more. Similarly it seems that the worlds superpower can ‘take on’ two enemies at once (in the past Afghanistan and Iraq) but not more. Is there may be a psychological connection?

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