Pakistan is “paying heavily” for its mistakes when it started mixing religion with politics and promoted extremism,

Source / Courtesy: Times of India.

NEW DELHI: Pakistan is “paying heavily” for its mistakes in the 1970s when it started mixing religion with politics and promoted extremism, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has said.
“I think Pakistan is paying a heavy price for the mistakes of 1970s by linking religion with politics and developing religious schools which are, in some cases, dangerous sources of extremism,” Blair told Karan Thapar in an interview to a news channel.
The former British prime minister was responding to queries relating to the role of ISI in spreading terrorism and its links with the Haqqani group in Afghanistan.
When asked if the US, after eliminating Osama bin laden, should also go after the Haqqani faction, Blair said it was something which the Americans have to decide.
“The trouble with these groups is that there is no way to use them wisely. On these issues like Pakistan might have to say about its influence in Afghanistan vis-a-vis India’s influence there, there will be nothing good out of supporting these groups,” he said.
“If ISI is engaged in such activities, in the end it will not merely affect US, UK, Afghanistan or India, it poisons the atmosphere in Pakistan also,” Blair said.
The former British prime minister said that if there was any linkage between the ISI and terror groups such as the Haqqani group and the Lashkar-e-Taiba, “it is a mistake.”
Blair said there was a need to engage “modern and open-minded” Pakistanis who are involved in a struggle against the extremists.

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5 replies

  1. How true he is but to be exact it was when Pakistani National Assembly approved the amendment to the Constitution´declaring Ahamdies as non Muslim: And obviously it was to gain Politicial advantages by ambitious and power greedy ZA Bhutto and other short sighted political leaders.

  2. With this statement my respect for Mr. Blair (which was not that high, admittedly) increased a bit. Now he should go further and ‘call a spade a spade’ and point out that the Anti-Ahmadiyya legislation is in fact the core of all evil.

  3. Apology and regrets for committed mistakes require big heart, honesty and boldness which these so called worldly leaders lack in toto.

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