’10 million girl children will become forced brides — in one year’

Source: TOI on Line 

Desmond Tutu , Nobel Peace Prize winner, spent decades fighting apartheid in South Africa. Today, as part of ‘The Elders’ global coalition, he’s taking on child marriage. The Archbishop spoke with Srijana Mitra Das about the crucial ‘Girls, Not Brides’ campaign, tradition, non-violence – and corruption:

What is ‘Girls, Not Brides’ about?

It’s a global coalition against child marriage. I initially thought child marriage was a problem just in India – i was shocked to discover it’s prevalent even in Africa! We are unlikely to achieve six out of the eight Millennium Development Goals if we don’t deal with this huge problem. If we do nothing, at the present rate, 10 million girl children will become forced brides in just one year – that’s 100 million in the next decade.

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  1. OK, I have to be careful with this topic, so that I do not get into trouble. I must however point out that many of the ‘do-gooders’ talking so much about this topic always forget one important point, namely that for us religious people the ‘old fashioned rule’ is still valid that sex should be confined within a marriage. Some people strongly support that the minimum age of marriage should be at least 18 saying that before that age ‘no mature decision’ can be made. The same people totally ignore that the beginning of ‘sexual activity’ is often before the age of 18. For the ‘normal Western people’ these days it does not matter as they in any case find sex before marriage a normal thing. When talking about people adhering to a religion (whether Christian, Islam or other) then of course the age of marriage should be equal to the age of the beginning of sexual activity… Hope I got the point across without getting myself in trouble…

    (more over if you find a good wife, which I pray you all do, then any day that you did not marry her is sort of wasted. If you for instance think the ideal age for a lady to be married is 25 then marry her with 18 and you can look forward 7 years to your ‘ideal age’. If you marry her at 25, well, the ideal age just passed… just a thought).

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