Pakistan: Sindh province under heavy rains; millions badly effected and are in need of help and special Prayers

The Sindh Province of Pakistan is under heavy rain for last many days; millions have been badly effected, and the situation is getting worse every day. According to different reports more than 7 million people have been affected, millions of acres of crops is finished, millions have become homeless, homes are damaged and hundreds of deaths are reported. More than 150 billion Rupees’ economic loss is estimated.

The Army, NGOs and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat is engaged in rescuing people, and through boats they are brought to safer places. In all the effected areas, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat has sent teams of its volunteers who are working on rescue, are providing shelter, food, water and medicines.

According to the reports from family and Jamaat members from those effected areas, the situation is very critical, even much more worse than it is being shown on media.

All the readers are humbly requested for special prayers for all those who are effected, and for all the members of Jamaat. May Almighty God be their Protector and Guardian. Ameen

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