Holy Quran Exhibition in Delhi

The Book, bestowed by the Almighty for the whole of mankind; the Holy Quran, the word of Gracious God revealed to Prophet Mohammad, the Champion of Peace (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). It is a manifestation of Divine Grace. It establishes peace, teaches love and promotes brotherhood. It is a means to recognize the Divine and to form a communion.

The Holy Qur’an contains a universal message without the limitation of time and space. It unravels the mysteries of creation of universe, origin of life and extraterrestrial life which have always baffled human minds. It speaks of the rules relating to laws of freedom, social justice and equality, administration and distribution of wealth. It guides man to the path of exploring new opportunities in the areas of scientific research and sociological advancement.

“It is in truth a rain of mercy which descended from the heaven to save the lives of the extremely thirsty. This  heavenly light not only presented such true insights as had disappeared from the world but filled many minds with these jewels of truth and wisdom and drew many hearts to its beauteous countenance and carried many to high stages of knowledge and action through its powerful effect” said Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (AS), the founder of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and a great admirer of the holy Quran.

To quote Mirza Tahir Ahmad, the previous international leader of the Community, “The truth requires no compulsion for the transmission of its message; the only instrument it needs is rationality. As such, Islam invokes human intellect to investigate the truth of the Quranic teachings with reference to the study of human nature, history and rationality. It arouses the human faculties of reasoning and deduction, not only for the pursuit of religious investigation, but also for the attainment of secular knowledge.”

We request the honor of your presence at the exhibition from Friday to Sunday, the 23-25 of September 2011, 11am – 8pm at Speaker Hall, Constitutional Club of India Rafi Marg, Behind Reserve Bank of India.

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