‘A vast majority of Muslims were not with the Muslim League’

Source:Times of India

Rizwan Qaiser teaches history at Delhi’s Jamia Millia Islamia. In his new book, Resisting Colonialism and Communal Politics, he explores nationalist leader Maulana Azad’s role in building an idea of India. Qaiser spoke with Kim Arora about Azad’s political foresight – and his continuing significance:

How relevant is a leader like Maulana Azad today?

Very relevant in India and across the globe. His foremost concern was to create an ideolo-gical framework wherein it was possible for all communities to coalesce into a nation. His idea was that everyone, irrespective of one’s religious affiliation or cultural loyalty, belongs to the country – as the country belongs to them. Communities can coalesce into a nation, provided each community gets to enjoy autonomy in religion, culture and identity, yet be a part of the larger polity that is India.

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