The truth makes painful reading. (Wikileaks on Kashmir conflict)

SRINAGAR, Sept 7(Agencies): The Kashmir Times.

Kashmiri leaders own palatial houses, flaunt expensive accessories and lead flashy lifestyles, particularly the Abdullahs, Omar and Farooq.

All this is thanks to the huge amount of money being pumped into the state by the Union government to contain the insurgency and by New Delhi’s adversaries to keep the conflict going.
In a cable titled, ‘Show me the money’, US diplomats say Indian and Pakistani money have made all Kashmiri political leaders dependent on handouts and changed the way they live. As the money flows freely, all the stake holders in the conflict have developed a vested interest in the problem continuing, according to the diplomats.

“Omar and Farooq Abdullah, descendants of the Sheikh who first figured out Delhi’s money game, live in fabulous houses in Srinagar and Delhi, wear matching Panerai watches, serve Blue Label to the guests and travel all over the world first class courtesy of the Indian government,” the cable reads.
“Mirwaiz (Umer Farooq) is alleged to have real estate in Dubai courtesy of Pakistan. The state administration gets rivers of money for development but the streets in J& K are appalling, even by Indian standards,” says the cable.

The US has also not spared the army for milking the conflict. “Army officers, we have heard, allegedly bribe their superiors for postings to J&K to get their hands on the logistics contacts and ‘hearts and minds’ money,” the cable reads.

The US diplomats feel Kashmiri politics is nothing but a money game. “Sajjad (Lone) lamented that the conflict remained lucrative to many, and he is right. CPM legislator Tarigami also told us too many people have a stake in the conflict’s perpetuation.”

In a cable dated August 1, 2005, ‘India now holds all the cards, but will it pay them’, it quotes A. Y. Khan, who has been introduced as a prominent banker to explain the flow of money in the state.
“A.Y. explained to us that as people hunkered down for the long years of violence, they sent their sons and daughters to schools in every part of India, opened shops and businesses in Himachal, Delhi, Rajasthan, Bangalore, and Punjab, and, ironically, prospered mightily.”
The banker said the “rich elite in Kashmir had been taking money from India (the RAW and the IB) for a long time. Then, money started flowing in from Pakistan too.”
All sides want to fan Kashmir conflict: APHC
In another important revelation, moderate Hurriyat leaders told American diplomats that “all sides of the conflict” in Kashmir “had a vested interest in the perpetuation of the conflict”, according to leaked US diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks.

Pointing out that the ISI controls the guns in Pakistan, they indicated that the ISI controlled the militant groups in the Valley as well.

“Lamenting the dirty games of Kashmiri politics, Mirwaiz (Umar Farooq) said all sides of the conflict had a vested interest in its perpetuation, from separatists to terrorists to security forces,” said the cable sent on May 5, 2005, adding that Mirwaiz and Bilal Lone met the US diplomats a day after they met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

According to the cable, Mirwaiz and Lone “also complained bitterly about fence-sitters such as Yasin Malik and Shabir Shah, whom they derided for being duplicitous, ego-mad, and not taking big risks, as they had, for peace through dialogue.”

Read more in the Kashmir Times.

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5 replies

  1. It seems that Kashmir would need a ‘people’s revolution’, similar to Tunesia and Egypt, kicking out all the old leaders. The problem with these new ‘people’s revolutions is that they have no leaders, they only know what they do not like, but not all that much as to what they would like; or rather: without new leaders whither the revolution?

  2. It is really painful to read all the details. How our leaders make the masses fool is disgusting. In our childhood we used to consider Sh Abdullah as the Hero of Kashmir. How innocent were we at that time, now it angers us.”Pointing out that the ISI controls the guns in Pakistan, they indicated that the ISI controlled the militant groups in the Valley as well” This sentecne is crux of the article if all can adjust it.

  3. Salam,

    First i will discuss Indian Kashmir:
    Root of problem is occupation of Kashmiri areas by Army, but can anyone specify why army is there? It all started after Pakistani ISI funded terrorists came and massacred Hindus of Kashmir and destroyed public property. Knowing that 99% of terrorist attacks in India are carried by Kashmiri Muslims or are connected to them, if ISI do this favor of withdrawing from Kashmir and if Kashmiris learn to behave then i can surely say army will have no reason to stay there. India being a country of diversity has all reason but to respect its own citizens. And majority of Indian Muslims want their Kashmiri Muslim brothers to stay close to them.

    If anyone from outside this country is truly willing to help plight of People in Kashmir, then please send donations in the form of books, funding for health care, food, clothes for kashmiri people, which includes a sizeable minority hindu, skih and christian population too. Guns and mercenaries are an absolute no no.

    Secondly coming to Pakstan occupied Kashmir:
    Well that’s an internal affair of another country, so just like the policy of my country and in accordance with conduct of a muslim.
    Thirdly, part of Kashmiri Muslim land sold/mortgaged by pakistan to China:
    Do not even know what to express!

    Finally: Before Pakistan try to claim Indian Kashmir, it should make visible improvements in the social condition of its own minorities. Including Ahmadi Muslims. May be People are not aware but India has worlds second largest muslim population in the world who love it more than anytime ever. And they are aware that those of their unwanted “brothers” who want to liberate them from India will be no different from the zionists who led jews to slaughter. Keep in mind that India has many of Ahmadi Muslims as its soldiers who have died defending its borders and defending innocents lives.


  4. The protests seem as if they are a part of internal politics for meeting the narrow ends of narrow minded politicians.

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