9/11 What was your first, what was your second thought?

Immediately after 9/11 I made it a point to ask my friends, colleagues and acquaintances to tell me their first and their second thought that came to mind immediately when learning of the 9/11 attack.

I was quite shaken by the fact that a vast majority of Muslims spontaneously said “It cannot be us, because we are not so efficient that we can arrange such a logistic feat”.

Also interesting was a spontaneous reply by an American colleague. He told me “I would not be surprised that this was arranged by us (Americans)”. When asked for reasons he said: “I have lived in Central America for a long time and have seen the CIA in action.”

OK, if you insist: My first thought was: “What a fantastic logistical achievement” followed immediately by the second thought “and now the world will slip into disaster, because surely the USA will react in a wrong way (for promotion of world peace). – And so it happened.

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  1. My first thought immediately after hearing this news on the TV was, that US has successfully staged a spectacular drama which I’ll use to justify its future wars on the Muslim countries, specially Afghanistan and Pakistan (I in fact emailed my thought to AACP mailing group the same day). And as we all know, that is exactly what followed.

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