For Muslim women, wearing a veil isn’t oppression

Source / Courtesy: Star Tribune

By Imran Hayee

‘It’s a scorching day, aren’t you feeling warm in this?”

These polite words touched our ears when my wife and I entered the grocery store on one of the few hot summer days in Duluth. My wife was wearing a head scarf and a loose outer garment over her regular clothes.

By far, she was well overdressed for the weather.

A pleasant conversation followed between my wife and the polite enquirer, leaving behind a fundamental question echoing in our minds. What makes us choose our dress?

Weather protection and comfort have affected human clothing choice since the very beginning of life. But as life progressed toward civilization, humans have used a variety of other factors such as economic, cultural and religious considerations to choose what to wear.

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The picture is an artist’s drawing of Mother Mary with a head covering that will be described as Hijab today.



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