Oldest American Muslim Organization Attends White House Iftar Dinner

Source: Cision Wire

Leader of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA speaks with President Obama about 9/11 commemoration

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA’s National Vice President, Mr. Naseem Mahdi, attended the annual White House Iftar Dinner last night, along with other American  Muslim leaders.

President Obama highlighted the many contributions and services of American Muslims.  He also paid tribute to the brave men and women, including several American Muslims, who perished on 9/11: “We must be the America they lived for, and the America they died for.”

To commemorate the ten year anniversary of 9/11, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA has launched a nationwide “Muslims for Life” campaign across its 71 chapters to collect 10,000 bags of blood and save 30,000 lives.

Our Community was honored to be invited to this year’s Iftar dinner at the White House,” said Mr. Mahdi. “We support the President’s call to honor the memories of our fellow Americans who perished on 9/11, and I had the distinct privilege to speak with him about our recently launched ‘Muslims for Life’ campaign.”

Founders of the “Muslims for Peace” and “Muslims for Loyalty” campaigns, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA invites Americans of all backgrounds to join the “Muslims for Life” campaign by giving blood and saving lives.

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9 replies

  1. “Love of your homeland is part of your faith.”

    This is such a beautiful saying of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
    Ahmadiyya Muslim jammat believe with all heart & sole of this beautiful saying of our beloved Master Hadhrat Muhammad (peace be upon him).

  2. mashallah, this is historic to AMC USA. we are all praying for the “Muslim for Life” campaign to be a success, in NY chapter, we are distributing thousands of “Muslim for Life” fliers for the upcoming blood drive in NYC.


  4. Inshallaha these platform are opening for us day in day out.l am sure soon these so called Muslim will have no choice but “love for all hatred for none ” May Allaha make this happen soon. Amin!

  5. It is a great achievement. Al-Hamdolillah. I express my thanks to Ahmadiyyia Muslim Leaders. I have seen American Government efforts to settle the dispute between Israel-Palestine for many years but President Obama could not succeed as yet. I request to all Ahmadiyyia Muslin leaders to solve this ongoing dispute between the two nations; and offer your noble services to President Obama from the bottom of your heart. I believe that these Ahmadiyyia Leaders have the ability to solve this very problem by addressing both Israeli and Palestine people. I must say, these Ahmadiyyia Muslim Leaders are Honest, Fair, Sincere & Serious and they fully understand the total view point of both parties. It is the Teaching of Islam – Holy Quran says very precisely “No person has any right to take his life, No person can kill another person”. Islam truly believes in peace. Islam is not responsible for any type of fighting. It is not a simple theory but very part of the “Teaching of Holy Quran”. I have the feelings that Ahmadiyyia Muslim Leaders understand “Holy Quran” better than Arabic Muslim Brothers. I must say “Iftar Dinner” in White House was a super job. Good Luck and Long Life for the Ahmadiyyia Muslim Leaders. Allah Nigheban.

    Mohammad Masihuddin
    Department of the Army

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