German Interior Minister – ‘German Identity is Shaped by Christianity.’ But, is it True?

Source: Spiegel International

In a SPIEGEL interview, German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich discusses the motives of Norwegian killer Anders Breivik, calls for an end to anonymity on the Internet and explains why Islam is not part of German identity.

SPIEGEL: Minister Friedrich, the massacre in Norway has sparked a discussion about the political background to the attacks. Is Anders Breivik a madman or the first anti-Muslim terrorist?

Friedrich:He is a madman, but he’s also more than that. I’m not talking about insanity in a medical sense. This sort of a crime, where someone shoots children in cold blood as they desperately beg for their lives, is incomprehensible for any person with normal emotions. But other factors must also have entered into the equation, factors that made this crime possible in the first place. Investigators are now trying to determine what they are.

SPIEGEL: Is this sort of an attack possible in Germany?

Friedrich: We are increasingly concerned about radicalized perpetrators acting alone. The deadly shots at American soldiers at the Frankfurt airport were also fired by a lone perpetrator, in that case an Islamist, who had become radicalized on the Internet. We have more and more people who isolate themselves from their social environment and immerse themselves into an online world. It changes them, usually in ways that no one notices. This constitutes a serious threat, also in Germany.

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The Muslim Times’ Chief Editor’s comment:

The German identity is based on Christianity only as long as we deny the Muslim heritage of Europe!  What Islam did for European renaissance is not news anymore and every post in our Muslim Times under the category of ‘Muslim Heritage’ speaks volumes about it.  A few posts worth special mention are linked here:

Islam and Science – a BBC Documentary:

Human memory and the Muslim Heritage!

‘Let the Muslim be my Master in Outward Things!’ References to Islam in the Promotion of Religious Tolerance in Christian Europe:

To go to our Muslim Heritage Page, click here:

Here, let me quote a part of the interview and share with the readers, how demonstrably wrong the minister is if we read his comments below in light of the evidence that I have linked above:

SPIEGEL: On your first day in office as German interior minister, you famously said that the idea that Islam is part of Germany is something “that cannot be proved by history.” Would you say this again, after Oslo?

Friedrich: Oh, come on, those two things have nothing to do with each other! I was talking about the issue of Germany’s identity. This identity is shaped by Christianity and the Enlightenment, not by Islam. I don’t have to qualify that.



4 replies

  1. Shaped by Christianity? I would like to ask: How many Germans have gone to Church this month? this year?

    Why not say ‘shaped by our values’? And then you will find that most immigrants share the same values, that is why they came to Germany!

  2. Quoting from the main post in Spiegel International:

    SPIEGEL: Where is the boundary between legitimate discourse and racist or right-wing extremist agitation?

    Friedrich: The boundary is set by our constitution. There can be no justification for violating the dignity of other human beings, irrespective of whether it has to do with a political or a religious view. That is the underlying consensus of our constitutional state.

    SPIEGEL: Do you feel that this boundary was crossed in the debate over the ideas of Thilo Sarrazin, the German politician and banker who criticized Islam in a best-selling book?

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