Pakistan pilot’s ‘remorse’ for 1965 shooting down

A Pakistani fighter pilot who shot down an Indian civilian aircraft more than four decades ago has written to the family of the dead Indian pilot.

In his email, Qais Hussain said he was sorry for the loss of precious lives during the incident and was acting under orders from his superiors.

Mr Hussain was a young flying officer during the 1965 war between India and Pakistan.

The eight-seater plane had apparently drifted off course along the border.

The Pakistanis suspected it of being on a reconnaissance mission to open a new war front.

Mr Hussain was ordered to shoot it down, despite pleas for mercy by the plane’s pilot.

The former fighter pilot said that when he landed back at an air base at Karachi, he felt highly elated for having completed the mission.

But the mood changed later that evening when All India Radio announced that the plane had been a civilian Indian aircraft with eight people on board.


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  1. the pilot acted as he was ordered by his superior, fearing court marshal if neglected.

    now in the twilight of his age, he tried to shed weight of his concious, bringing to light the agony of the people in the downed plane. Allah bless them!

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