An unprecedented ruling: Israel court allows egg extraction from deceased woman

Family of Hen Aida Ayish who was fatally injured in a car accident a week-and-a-half ago requests that her eggs be extracted and frozen after donating her organs for transplant.

The Kfar Sava Family Court ruled on Sunday that the family of a recently deceased 17-year-old may extract her eggs after her organs were removed for donation. This is the first time a court has allowed egg extraction from a body in Israel.

According to guidelines issued by the attorney general in 2003, the use of sperm from a body is only permissible when used to fertilize the deceased’s widow.

Hen Aida Ayish, a resident of the Sharon region, was severely injured in a car accident a week-and-a-half ago. She was brought to Meir Hospital in Kfar Sava where she was hospitalized for a week in serious condition, and last Wednesday doctors declared her brain-dead.

Ayish’s family agreed to organ donations..

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Categories: Israel, Law, Middle East

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