Not just Pregnancy add Expected Child on your Face Book Account

….  The site added a feature where parents-to-be can include their unborn child on the list of family members on their profiles. In the family member section, the user can select “Expected: Child.”

“For years, people have been using Facebook to share the joyous news of expecting a child and, a few months ago, we began testing a feature designed to make that process easier,” a Facebook spokesman explained.

Siti Haryanti, a secretary at the religious court in Indonesia, said that Facebook played a pivotal role in the sudden rise of youngsters in the area engaging in sex outside marriage.

Critics have raised objections to the new feature. They say parents-to-be might not realize that by posting the status publicly, it could increase the level of distress if they suffer a miscarriage, because their Facebook friends would ask questions pertaining to the mishap.

Others have argued that the online status could offend the user’s friends who found out online and not in person. Additionally, the update could serve as a punch in the face to those who are having difficulty conceiving.

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