The New World Order of Islam (9): Just Treatment of Prisoners of War


Abu Ghraib prison, Iraq (Photo Jean Marc Boulu). To get an idea of today’s ‘humane’ treatment of prisoners of war, do take a look at these images in Google.

Prisoners of war should be clothed according to your own standard of living
Even those countries which are parties to international conventions are not under an obligation to feed and clothe prisoners of war on a scale and level which is prevalent in the case of their own citizens. This injunction was, however, very rigidly observed by the Companions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace be on him.

Prisoners should eat before you eat yourself
On a particular journey, it is said, some of the Companions were accompanied by prisoners, and these prisoners themselves relate that the party ran short of provisions at a certain stage. The Companions, therefore, decided that they would feed the prisoners upon the remaining store of dates and would themselves subsist upon date-stones. It is related that there were not even enough stones to go round. It will be recognised that this injunction of Islam is very equitable and humane.

The compensation for beating is immediate release
Another rule laid down by Islam is that no prisoner of war must be struck or beaten. If any prisoner of war is beaten or assaulted, he must be set at liberty at once. On one occasion the Holy Prophet (s) on emerging from his house saw a Muslim beating a prisoner. This Muslim relates that while he was beating he heard the Holy Prophet (s) call out:— “What are you about? Surely this is very un-Islamic. Do you not realise that God has much greater power over you than you have over this prisoner?” He said, he was terrified on hearing this and said, “O Prophet of God, I liberate him.” ‘The Holy Prophet said, “If you had not done so, you would have tasted the fire.” These days many people have no qualms while beating their domestic servants, and yet the Holy Prophet (s) called one of his Companions to account for beating a prisoner.

Another Companion relates that they were seven brothers and that they possessed a female prisoner, and on one occasion the youngest of them gave her a slap for some fault she had committed. When the Holy Prophet (s) learnt of this, he said that the only penalty for the slap was that she must be liberated, and this was done. In other words, it was not only serious beating or striking that was prohibited, but even a slap involved liberation, inasmuch as such conduct indicated that the person guilty of it was not fit to be entrusted with the custody of, or authority over, another human being.

Marriage should be arranged for prisoners
The Holy Qur’an also prescribes that marriage should be arranged for such of the prisoners as have arrived at, at the age of matrimony:
Marry those among you who are single and those who are fit among your male prisoners and your female prisoners.

Islamic treatment of prisoners has no comparison even today
Could humane consideration go any further? Islam says, ‘Feed them with the food that you eat; give them to wear the kind of clothes you wear; subject them to no kind of hardship; make arrangements for their marriage; and if ever any of you should happen to strike any of them the only penalty for this is liberation.’ Many of them may be released unconditionally or only on condition that they will not again participate in a war against Muslims. I doubt very much whether today the most civilized State would forego reparations merely on condition that prisoners of war released by it shall not again participate in a war against itself.

Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad, The New World Order of Islam (1942), Islam International Publications, Tilford UK 2005 (pdf); p. 65-67. Subheadings by the editor.

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    Regarding marriage of the captives of war, special mention needs to be made of women captives of war.


    Three of his own wives were captives of war (JAWAIRIA d/o Haris bin Zarrar who was Chief of Mustaliq tribe, SAFIA d/o chief of Banu Nuzair and Banu Quraiza and REHANA from Banu Quraiza.)

    His wife Safia was captive of war of Khaiber. One of the companions Wahya Kalbi wished to have a slave and chose Safia for himself. The companions of the Holy Prophet objected that her both parents were Sayyyad and she deserved an appropriate husband. The Holy Prophet married her with the gift of freedom as the Dower money.

    JAWAIRIA became captive in Ghuzwae Mustaliq in Hijri 5 and was Chosen by Sabit bin Cais . She asked the Prophet to free her from Sabit bin Cais. The Holy Prophet freed her along with 100 families of Mustaliq tribe and married her.

    All of them were Jews.His wife REHANA kept her religion for some time and became Muslim only when she saw the magnificent character of the Holy Prophet and Islamic Teachings.

  2. Dear Themuslimtimes,
    Thanks, on a related note, .

    What ever happened to Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the Muslim who murdered 12 Americans and wounded 30 others on United States soil at Fort Hood?

    Did we provide him with excellent world-class medical treatment and psychiatric care along with the best legal defense team available to the US government?

    Did we house him in a comfortable hospital room and jail cell with air conditioning, healthy-balanced meals, cable TV, and 24 hour military guards to protect him from angry Americans?

    Did we apologize to foreign governments and Islam for arresting and holding him?

    Are we going to compensate and reward him for the wounds he received from the police who shot him in order to stop his madness and protect innocent Americans at Fort Hood?

    What else can we do for him? Maybe we can send him to Disneyland or send him on an ocean cruise in the Caribbean?

    I look forward to your next post

  3. The treatment you describe sounds humane. This may have been the case because he was held in the US and the public was watching. This is different from Guantanamo Bay or Iraq policy, which are not in plain view, but operate in secrecy. This may inbdicate that if unchecked, contemporary policy makers show their true colors as proponents of torture. Muslims may not be the worst victims as yet, as these policy makers now turn their eye on the US in order to subject the bankrupted people to a police state. For more on this, watch The Rise of the Police State.

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  5. The New World Order of Islam is an enlightening book that is worth reading over and again that Hazrat Musleh Maoud wrote.

    His work The Life of Muhammad is also an excellent and rear contribution to Islamic literature. The book also records how the Holy Prophet the prisons war taken into custody.

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