Jordan: Ramadan thoughts

Editorial: Jordan Times

The holy month of Ramadan starts today. It is a month of abstinence, spirituality and prayer, one in which fasting Muslims are called upon to refrain from eating, drinking and carnal pleasure between dawn and sunset.

It is a time when Muslims should turn to meditation and reflection about the meaning of life and thereafter, feel with and for the poor and help them according to possibilities.

Yet, often, the month turns into a feast for many who forego moderation in favour of the material. Fast is broken with lavish displays of foodstuff and sweets; many indulge and, against doctors’ advice, eat heavy food that causes discomfort or even ailments.

There is often much wastage, at a time many people barely have enough to put bread on their table, and this is a sin.

In preparation for the Ramadan festivities, many people stock up on all sorts of food items, as if the occasion were one to splash, not to show temperance. That is why food consumption, according to official estimates, spikes up by 35-50 per cent during the first ten days of Ramadan.

And there are some who think that fasting and focusing on spirituality means working less, which leads to cutting office hours and affecting productivity. The really faithful ones realise that productivity during this holy month should rise and the meaning of giving in all its forms, including the professional one, whether in terms of quality or quantity, should not be compromised. Cutting office hours should prompt the faithful ones to make up in quality what is lost in quantity.

It also, unfortunately and as often witnessed, turns into a period when grouchy faithful believe that fasting gives them licence to be short-tempered, inconsiderate – driving habits are clearly meant here – and above the law, going against everything Ramadan stands for. read here

This makes one’s outlook on Ramadan lopsided, to say the least.

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