State universities to receive increased government funding

AMMAN (Jordan Times) – His Majesty King Abdullah on Sunday directed the government to increase financial support for state universities, as recommended in a plan previously ordered by His Majesty to reform higher education.

In a follow-up meeting with public university presidents, the King was briefed on the plan, which also seeks government’s support to fully pay back the debts of the 10 public universities and more than triple the financial capacity of the Student Fund.

The Monarch stressed the importance of having at hand a clear executive plan that all stakeholders agree on as the first step towards reforming the higher education sector.

But he urged universities to come up with “untraditional ways” to enhance their financial situation, calling on each university to draw up an action plan of its own to achieve higher education reform with utmost transparency in cooperation with other universities.

The King reiterated the need for a greater focus on scientific research in the future, stressing the need to encourage innovation, improve the higher education outcomes and link them to market needs.

King Abdullah underlined the importance of continuing to support the Student Fund and enable underprivileged students to study at universities, in addition to the need to increase the private sector support for the fund as well as enhance the living conditions of faculty members.

The 2012-2015 action plan, prepared by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and university presidents after meeting with the King last month, seeks to develop the quality of education and produce qualified people who can meet the market needs and compete locally, regionally and internationally. read more

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  1. Well, State Universities in Jordan are ‘ok’, not too bad and not too good. Only the best students get admission in Jordan University, Amman. Students with lower grades have to accept admission in other towns, far from Amman. Foreign students come to Jordan to learn Arabic and ‘Shariat’. These come mainly from Indonesia and Malaysia. Officials at their Embassy are not that thrilled, while understanding that the students would want to study Arabic in Jordan they feel that ‘Shariat’ would be better learned back home. Some of the students graduating in Shariat and also Islamic banking seem to lack for instance sufficient knowledge of English in order to compete later on internationally.

    Interestingly International Universities do not seem to fair a lot better. Several campuses have sprang up recently. The New York Institute of Technology had opened in a big way, but seems to close down again in 2013. It is too costly for the average Jordanian. Whoever can afford their fees can also afford to go abroad.

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