Indonesia: Ahmadiyah Community Fears Burst of Violence Over Holy Month

As Indonesia’s Muslim majority prepares for Ramadan and Idul Fitri, the minority Ahmadiyah Islamic sect is bracing itself for more persecution.

“Especially during Ramadan, there are more opportunities for [anti-Ahmadiyah] groups to mobilize masses and spread hatred [against us],” said Firdaus Mubarik, spokesman for the Indonesian Ahmadiyah Congregation (JAI).

“A mosque in Tasikmalaya was burned several years ago during Ramadan and the clash in Manis Lor also happened a week before Ramadan started,”"

Fresh from a disheartening court ruling against Islamic radicals who attacked and killed Ahmadis in Cikeusik, Banten, Firdaus fears for the worst after previous Ramadan experiences…..

The Islamic holy month, Firdaus said, has been used as an excuse by hard-liners to “purge” unholiness, which for them included the Ahmadiyah.

“The [Cikeusik] ruling is no longer our concern. It’s the possibility that violence might occur at anytime in the future,” he said.

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