Indonesian Mayor Takes Hard-Line Stance During Ramadan

He also offered a Rp 1 million ($118) bounty to citizens to help catch administration officials eating in public.

“All civil servants who are found having lunch in public places such as restaurants during the fasting month this year will face the strongest possible sanction of dismissal from their jobs,” Ahmad Kanedi was quoted by state news agency Antara as saying.

THERE IS NO COMPULSION IN RELIGION. However Bengkulu Mayor Ahmad Kanedi said on the first day of the holy month that city employees who do not fast during Ramadan would be dismissed from their jobs,

 He said any city administration official found to have broken the fast prematurely would be dismissed on the spot.

Antara did not report if the sanctions applied to non-Muslims.

Ahmad also called on the people to play an active role in helping the Bengkulu administration enforce discipline during the fasting month.

“I will present Rp 1 million to anyone who is able to find a civil servant eating in public places such as restaurants, market places and bus terminals,” Ahmad said.

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