Pakistan: A prominent lawyer and Ahmadiyya leader shot dead in Nawabshah, Sindh

An Ahmadi man was shot dead last evening around 8 pm as his car approached his office in Nawabshah, Sindh, Pakistan.

Malik Mabroor Ahmad, a renowned advocate and president of the local Ahmadiyya Muslim Community fell victim to anti-Ahmadiyya hate campaign by the Islamist extremists.

According to the reports an armed man casually walked up to the victim as he was about to exit the car. The killer shouted Khatme-Nubuwwatn slogan and fired pointblank killing Malik Ahmad instantly.

The attacker walked away on foot in front of dozens of eye witnesses and disappeared into the crowed, but was seen rushing away behind the crowed cover, it was later reported.

Ahmad’s brother tried to track down the attacker but failed.

Malik Ahmad leaves behind three sons, two daughters and a very patient widow who was reportedly seen comforting herself and the children by reciting daroowd shareef, a prayer of salutations to the Holy Founder of Islam, Prophet Mohammad.

The top picture is a poster of the hate-mongering campaign against Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, wherein terrorists are urging each other to kill innocent and peaceful Ahmadi Muslims.

Mansoor Malik, brother of the victim posted a short one-liner message on his Facebook page announcing the death of his brother.

“My brother, Malik Mubroor Ahmed Advocate (Sadar Jamat Ahmedyya Nwabshah City, Sindh, Pakistan) shot dead. Please pray for us,” the post read.

Victim’s sister Fouzia Malik of Canada said in her comment to the initial news at Ahmadiyya Times: “My dearest elder brother, just like a father. He took care of his younger brother and sister after his father’s death.”

Previously, on Sep 09, 2008, an other leader of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Seth Muhammad Yusuf was also gunned down in Nawabshah.

Malik Ahmad was on the anti-Ahmadiyya hit list and had received numerous death threats.

Pakistani branch of Majlis Khatm-e Nubawwat (TKN), a worldwide Islamist extremist organization headquartered in Pakistan, has recently called for killing of all Ahmadis ‘openly, on streets, in market, or wherever they are found.”

According to recent reports, TKN-originated anti-Ahmadiyya handbills were faxed to prominent Ahmadis in Nawabshah.

The victim is reported to have memorialized the threats in a letter to his friends and the community.
Victim’s funeral services are scheduled for 8 am Teusday, July 12.

The UK branch of TKN has been investigated by Chanel 4 news and BBC for spearheading anti-Ahmadiyya hate campaign in the UK.

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Editor’s Note: The hate campaign against Ahmadiyya Community is not new and extremists are declaring fatwas against Ahmadis on regular basis.  In June it was reported by the Asian Human Right that Extremists openly plan to kill hundreds of Ahmadis–government turns a blind eye”  And as usual the government did not take any necessary steps. In 2008 in a famous TV programme in Pakistan, Ahmadis were declared liable to death and no action was taken against such extreme hate-mongers.


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  1. Is there any one in the world who could stop these barbaric religious extremist to stop the bloodshedding of innocent peaceful Ahmadi citizen in the name of religion?
    Tahreek i Khatam i Nabouwat (religious extremist hate campaigners) has been openly publishing and spreading hate campaign pamphlets against the Ahmadiyya community in Pakistan and instigating the masses to kill Ahmadis in Pakistan. Govt of Pakistan has not taken any step against such elements. This hate campaign by Tahreek i Khatam i Nabouwat is a root cause of this murder.
    We strongly condemn this brutal act and urge the law enforcing agencies in Pakistan to take immediate action against these religious extremist organizations to stop the blood shed in the name of religion in Pakistan.

  2. We strongly condemn the killing of innocent Ahmedis in All Over Pakistan, Ahmedi are fellow Humans and they are law abiding citizens of Pakistan their loyalties and sympathies are with Pakistan. As we the majority of Pakistanis have the right to pray and preach in the same way we should accept the right of Ahmedis to pray, preach and live freely in Pakistan. We should respect all religions, faith, beliefs, and sects. It is surprising for all Sindhi that who is killing Ahmedis in Sindh because Sindh is purely peace land of Sufi and saints,No Sindhi could be done such murder,Govt should investigate that only some extremist groups are active in Nawabshah, although it is not big city and police can easily arrest these culprits.

  3. The rulers and people of Pakistan have turned a deaf ear towards the atrocities committed against this innocent community. Whole country is facing wrath of Allah for it but no one is ready to realise it. Since LATOUN KEY BHOOT BATOUN SAY NAHIN MANTAY” May be now Nature is planning to punish the ruler and people of this country through FUJAAR.

  4. We strongly condemn this barbaric act and any similar acts of killing innocent people on the name of religion. May these hard-liners get true understanding of the Quranic teachings “There should be no compulsion in religion” (2:257). Ameen

    The prophecy of our beloved master Hadhrat Muhammad Mustafa (saw) has also been fulfilled, not once but millions of times, as he said:

    “There will come a time upon the people when nothing will remain of Islam except its name only and nothing will remain of the Quran except its inscription. Their mosques will be splendidly furnished but destitute of guidance. Their divines (religious leaders) will be the worst people under the heaven and strife will issue from and avert to them.” (Mishkatul Masabih, Kitabul Ilm)

    The mentioned videos in the news above prove it clearly that yes the religious zealots of Muslim have proven themselves the worst people of this time. Because they are inciting others to kill innocent human beings, and killing a person is as grave crime as the killing of entire human race; “Whosoever killed a person — unless it be for killing a person or for creating disorder in the land — it shall be as if he had killed all mankind” (5:33).

  5. As far as the victim is concerned he has been given glad-tidings fromm the Lord. Allah Almighty says:

    “O ye who believe! seek help with patience and Prayer; surely, Allah is with the steadfast.
    And say not of those who are killed in the cause of Allah that they are dead; nay, they are living; only you perceive not.” (Al Quran 2:154-155)


    And Allah the Almighty has also instructed the believers the way to react, and that we all Ahmadis hold very dear; God says: “Who, when a misfortune overtakes them, say, ‘Surely, to Allah we belong and to Him shall we return.” (Al Quran 2:157).

    Inna Lillahe wa inna ilaihe rajeeoon.

  6. Inna Lillahe wa inna ilaihe rajeeoon.

    A sad day for the family, a sad day for the Jamaat and an even sadder day for Pakistan.

    Blessings of Allah will not return to Pakistan until they wholeheartedly condemn such acts and take wholehearted steps to end such terror attacks.

  7. Inna Lillahe wa inna ilaihe rajeeoon.
    All of the material support from democratic countries must stop immediately to this terror loving State of Pakistan as it condones these acts and does everything to support these acts of terrorism against innocent law-abiding citizens of Pakistan.

  8. All such heinous crimes are committed only to stop progress of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. And every one is a witness to just the opposite.

    “they plot therein; and they plot not except against their own souls; but they perceive not”. (Al Quran 6-124)

  9. Well said by Dr. Farhat Sahiba that these enemies are worried about the progress of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat and in jealousy they are committing these inhuman crimes. Their position is described in the Holy Quran, Allah says:

    “They desire to extinguish the light of Allah with the breath of their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light, even if the disbelievers hate it.

    He it is Who has sent His Messenger with the guidance and the Religion of truth, that He may cause it to prevail over all religions, even if those who associate partnerswith God hate it.” (The Holy Quran: 64:9-10)

  10. Assalamo alaikum W.W.,

    It is really very sad to know.
    But Allah will inshaAllah call them to accountability.


  12. Our heartfelt condolences and humble prayers for the family members!

    We all are very fortunate to be part of Khilafat where we are never alone. There are millions under the guidance of Hazoor who stand along with us and pray for us when we are in need!

    I quote two couplets from Kalam e Tahir:

    Tum duaeen karo, yeh dua hi to thi, jis nay toura tha sar kibr e Namrood ka
    Hey azal say yeh taqdeer e Namroodiyat, aap hi aag main apni jal jaey gi

    Khoun shaheedae ummat ka aey kam nazar, raaegan kab gia tha, kay ab jaey ga
    Har shahadat teray daikhtay daikhtay, phool phal laey gi, phool phal jaey gi

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