Divorce Referendum: Bishops express sorrow, forgiveness over campaign damage

The Bishops of Malta and Gozo yesterday expressed their sorrow to those who during the run up to the referendum may have felt wronged by the words or actions of members of the clergy, and similarly professed unconditional forgiveness to all those the Church feels may have insulted it.

“We have just come to the end of the referendum, and each and every one of us must now look to where we were a source of pain to others, even personally,” Malta Bishop Paul Cremona, Gozo Bishop Mario Cremona and auxiliary Bishop Annetto Depasquale said in the note, which was embargoed until 10pm.

This embargo was not respected by all sections of the media, and the Bishops’ statement had been made public on MaltaToday by around 9pm, where it immediately drew the ire of a number of people.

Comments on Facebook went along the lines of the Bishops’ gesture being “too little, too late,” and pro-divorce group StandUP also said it found it difficult to accept this ‘apology’.

The Times reported: “To all those who took an active part on both sides (of the campaign), we wish to express regret if somebody felt hurt by words or actions from members of the Church,” the bishops wrote.

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