Election of Muslim girl champions diversity

A girls’ secondary school has championed the diversity cause by appointing a veil-wearing Muslim girl to head her form.

Fourteen-year-old Sara Ezabe is proof of what Blata l-Bajda’s St Ignatius College Girls’ Junior Lyceum headmaster Victor Agius insists is important for the school – diversity and tolerance.

After two years working in the students’ council, Sara, who loves politics, was voted in by her fellow students as head girl, breaking the xenophobic and racist trends creeping into some schools.

To her friends, she was the “automatic choice”, gaining a total of 97 votes – 40 more than the girl who placed second.

“To me the veil makes a difference only in terms of appearance. Obviously my religion is different, but the core values are shared,” Sara said.

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Categories: Islamophobia, Malta, Religion

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  1. (AP) — LUCERNE, Switzerland – A Swiss basketball player has failed in her bid to have a court overturn a headscarf ban when she plays in league games.

    A local court in the canton of Lucerne said in a ruling published Wednesday that the ban doesn’t breach the rights of the player, who is Muslim.

    In Switzerland one Muslim girl still has problems playing sports with her hijab:

    “Sura Al-Shawk, a 19-year-old Swiss citizen of Iraqi origin who plays for STV Luzern, sought permission from the Swiss basketball association to wear a scarf. ProBasket said in August she can’t because it could increase the risk of injury and the sport has to be religiously neutral.”

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