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I just thought it interesting, what posts have the most readers.   Of course this changes daily, the above is just today’s example.

The articles on Islamic Dream Interpretation are fairly old, but still are read a lot on daily basis. It seems we all are interested in this subject.

It reminds me of Mulla Nasiruddin:

Better to See the Dream

One night Fatima awoke from a sound sleep to see the Mullah standing over her. He shook her gently saying, “Wake up! Get up, Fatima, and find my spectacles — I need them right now!”

As she awoke, Fatima mumbled, “Why in the world you need your spectacles in the middle of the night, Nasruddin?”

“Oh Fatima, I was having the most lovely dream. A gorgeous angel came to me and hovered midair before me in the distance. She promised me a fortune in gold pieces, and motioned to me that she would return in another dream to deliver the gold.”

“So why do you need your spectacles now — and why such a hurry?”

“For the life of me, I cannot make out the angel’s face in the dream,” explained the Mullah, “and I need my spectacles so I can see her face clearly! How else can I recognize her when she returns in the next dream? Quick, now, go get them — before I wake up!”

Sorry, of course:   Dream Interpretation is a serious thing.

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