German Army Soldiers get Ahmadiyya Islamic View Point

By Zubair Khan

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Germany is famous for organising various functions where different segments of German Society are briefed about real teachings of Islam as perceived by Ahmadi Muslims. Few days ago a seminar was organised in the Ahmadiyya Mosque Hannover. German Army soldiers were briefed on various aspects of Islam. AMJ Missionaries Mr Basil Bhatti, Mr Adil Khalid and a religious expert Mr Tariq Karim Arif conducted the whole day seminar.

Missionary Mr Basil Bhatti presenting teachings of Islam as perceived by Ahmadiyya Muslim Jammat

As intimated by Missionary Basil Bhatti, it  was a full army working day seminar with three sessions of 80 minutes. Each session had a lecture on a topic, so in total we provided them a summarised in view of Islamic philosophy, the life and character of the holy prophet (sa), the reason of the coming of the Promised Messiah (as) and the jamaat lead by the khualafa, extremism and radicalisation within Islamic world. After each session time was given to ask questions. The interest was high as shown by their participation and questions.

Audience and Office Bearers of AMJGermany for the seminar.

The feedback was very good and many expressed their happiness of such a seminar that would provide possibility to get direct informations about Islam in such an intellectual way in their own languages. Some of them even said that they were before annoyed that they were asked to be sent to a mosque but are now happy to have visited the seminar and feel it was very beneficial. The group consisted about 50 soldiers of different rank of both genders. The highest ranks represented were first lieutenant and staff sergeant. The length of service of the participants soldiers varied between 6 months and 9 years. At the end of the seminar participants were presented with gifts and a copy of world crisis and pathway to peace.

Missionary Adil Khalid addressing the seminar audience

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