By Zubair Khan

1st International Transdisciplinary Symposium ( BIOETHICS AND APORIA OF PSYCHE) was organised from November 23–25, 2017 by Centre of Excellence for Integrative Bioethics and Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb.

Mr MIŠEL ANDROIĆ Presenting his concept

Mr MIŠEL ANDROIĆ , co worker with Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, Zagreb, Croatia presented his concept on the theme HOW TO CULTIVATE ONE’S OWN INNER PSYCHOPATH AND MURDER WITH A SMILE. The abstract of his theme is tabulated below.

            Audience of Presentation.

The role of a systematic (collective) coercion in developing violent personality traits has been present throughout the entire human history in the form of cultural practices. From a warrior culture and the rites of initiation it assumed its most effective manifestation in the form of armed forces. Drawing parallels between military combat conditioning, political indoctrination, and suicide terrorism, I will try to more clearly delineate the methods of developing functional psychopathy with people who have previously not been diagnosed with any psychic difficulties. Thus, I will shed light on the nature of violence that grows out of the massiveness of organised systems.

                 Audience of Presentation.

After the presentation audience raised few question which were amicably answered.

Mr MIŠEL ANDROIĆ replying to a question

2 replies

  1. Sounds very interesting and informative but I would have like to have a lot more detail in the article about the psychopathy in our massive organized dystems and how to keep oneself from it’s harmfulness

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