Pakistani Village Council Arrested After Ordering Teenage Girl’s Rape



A room where a Pakistani teenage girl was raped this month in Muzaffarabad, a village near the city of Multan in Punjab Province


Source: New York Times

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — The Pakistani police arrested 25 people in a rural village on Thursday, after the village council ordered a man to publicly rape a teenage girl to avenge the sexual assault of his sister.

Earlier this month, the council told Mohammad Ashfaq, 20, to rape the 16-year-old girl after Mr. Ashfaq’s family accused the girl’s brother of raping his 12-year-old sister, the police said.

The case was brought to the attention of the police in Punjab Province after the mother of the 16-year-old reported that Mr. Ashfaq had carried out the rape on July 18 in Muzaffarabad, a village near the city of Multan.

Some members of the council were present at the time of the rape, according to a complaint filed with the police by the girl’s mother.

The so-called honor rape, or vengeance rape, occurred after the council ruled that the rape of a minor family member was a fair punishment for the accused rape of the 12-year-old.

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2 replies

  1. Astaghfirullah! What kind of Jahils are these so-called ‘muslim’ village council….?

    They are DISGUSTING!!!

  2. It proves how primitive these people are. It is bad enough when an individual commits such a crime, but for a village council to be complicit in such an act is almost unbelievable? Whether they were Muslim or not is irrelevant.

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