How The Muslim Ban Legalized Islamophobia

Source: Huffington Post

By  Abdul Malik Mujahid, Contributor

President, Sound Vision; Chair, Burma Task Force USA; Chair Emeritus of the Parliament of the World’s Religions

I met an American six-grader who wanted to leave the United States.

I was speaking about fighting Islamophobia in a Columbus, Ohio mosque earlier this year, when a father pulled me aside, asking me to speak to his son in private.

The boy told me he wanted to leave the U.S., but that he still hopes to come back after four years. No doubt he was anticipating that President Donald Trump wouldn’t be serving a second term. When his father asked him not share his plans in the school, the child told him that all of the kids at school already knew that Muslims and Latinos would have to leave the country.

This is a child, an American, born and raised in this country. He has never lived anywhere else in the world. And he isn’t alone.

According to a survey by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, 20 percent of all Muslims under the age of 30 plan to leave the United States. Forty-two percent of Muslims surveyed report bullying of their school-aged children. That’s four times the likelihood for the general public.

But all of that comes from just a handful of bigoted people, and we can more or less ignore it. When a mosque is burned down or a Muslim attacked, we can count on the FBI and on law enforcement to come to our aid against the extremists and bigots.

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