Brexit: UK and EU at odds over ‘exit bill’

Source: BBC

Mr Barnier said: “We require this clarification on the financial settlement, on citizens’ rights, on Ireland – with the two key points of the common travel area and the Good Friday Agreement – and the other separation issues where this week’s experience has quite simply shown we make better progress where our respective positions are clear.”

He said there had been some areas of agreement about how Britons living abroad and EU nationals living in the UK should be treated after Brexit.

But he said Brussels believed citizens’ rights should be backed by the European Court of Justice – something Prime Minister Theresa May has ruled out.

There was also disagreement over “the rights of future family members” – meaning children born in the future to EU citizens in the UK – and “the exports of certain social benefits”, he added.

Mr Davis said the UK had published its approach to citizens’ rights since the first round of negotiations, which he described as “both a fair and serious offer” and had now published a joint paper setting out areas of agreement, and issues for further talks.

Sticking points included the rights of employees of EU-based companies to work for extended periods in other countries and the right of EU citizens to vote in UK local elections.


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