Thailand opens bail for detained UNHCR asylum seekers/refugees which includes Pakistan’s persecuted Christians & Ahmadi Muslims


BPCA announces that Thailand opens bail for detained UNHCR registered asylum seekers

London: July 11, 2017. (PCP) For almost two years persecuted Pakistani Christians and Ahmadis who make up over 50% of Thailand’s asylum seeker community have been refused bail for overstaying their visa’s. For the re-persecuted victims this has meant an extremely difficult and stressful stay in Bangkok’s brutal Immigration Detention Centre (IDC). However, Yesterday Thai authorities declared that bail would be granted to UNHCR registered asylum seekers and refugees similar in process to the bail system operated some years ago. The bail system reopens tomorrow and BPCA hopes to be able to initiate some applications immediately.

After an initial very strong lobby in 2013 by numerous charities and NGO’s the Royal Thai Government (RTG) initiated a bail system for asylum seekers and refugees in 2014. This involved payment of a substantial bail fee of 50,000 baht (£1136 or $1467) for a two year bail, which could be renewed for free after the initial period was up. However after a huge raft of detained by charities such as our own BPCA the Thai Government decided to close the bail system around two years ago, barring individuals with a… read more at source.

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