Mosul becomes ‘graveyard’ for foreign extremists

By AFP – Jul 09,2017 – JORDAN TIMES


Members of the Iraqi federal police pose for a picture with an upside down Daesh group flag in the Old City of Mosul on Saturday, as their part of the battle has been declared accomplished, while other forces continue to fight the extremists in the city (AFP photo)


MOSUL, Iraq — The decaying bodies of foreign extremists are piling up among the ruins of Mosul where the last few dozen Daesh extremists are mounting a desperate last stand.

More than three quarters of the remaining extremists in Mosul are foreigners, according to Iraqi commanders who have reported a spike in suicide attacks as anti-Daesh forces close in on the Old City.

“They never surrender,” said General Abdel Ghani Al Assadi, a commander in Iraq’s elite Counter-Terrorism Service.

“Old Mosul will be their graveyard.”

 It was in Mosul in July 2014 that Daesh supremo Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi made his only public appearance, to urge Muslims worldwide to move to his “caliphate”, proclaimed less than a week earlier, straddling Iraq and Syria.

Thousands of foreigners responded to his call.

According to Iraqi police and army commanders, most of the foreign Daesh extremists still in Mosul in recent months came from Russia, particularly Chechnya, and other former Soviet bloc countries, as well as various Arab states.

Then come Muslims from Asia — Afghans, Pakistanis, Uighurs from China — as well as Europeans from France, Germany, Belgium and Britain, along with Americans, the same sources said.

They are also believed to include a few dozen extremists from other French-speaking countries.

“Most of them come from countries such as Algeria, Morocco or Tunisia,” said General Abbas Al Jabouri, a commander of the police Rapid Response force.


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  1. Well, Arab fighters probably ‘slipped in’ with the refugees going out of the city. That is more difficult for the foreigners, who sort of were ‘left behind to die’ by the leaders of daesh

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