Is Ahmadiyya included in Incomplete Atlas of Self-Proclaimed Messiahs?

Source: The Cable

Mirza Ghulam Aḥmad, who lived in British India in the 19th century and founded the Ahmadiyya movement, which has millions of present-day adherents.

Abu Isa. This eighth-century self-proclaimed Jewish prophet led a rebellion against the caliph of Persia and was killed shortly thereafter. His followers believed he was the Messiah.

Jacobina Mentz Maurer. This German-Brazilian woman, raised Protestant, was believed to have special powers, and she led a fanatical sect called the Muckers. Amid a conflict with a rival group, Mentz Maurer ordered her followers to commit a massacre in 1874 in a town in southern Brazil. Later that year, she was killed in a confrontation with armed troops.

Muḥammad bin abd Allah al-Qahtani. His brother declared him the Mahdi in 1979, then took tens of thousands of worshippers hostage at the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Islam’s holiest site, in what became the largest hostage crisis in history.

Ann Lee. This 18th century woman founded the Shakers. She believed herself to be the female counterpart of Christ. She and her followers left England and arrived in the American colonies in 1774.


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