Cardiff Imam jailed for 13 years for sexually abusing girls

July 08, 2017

An Imam has been jailed for 13 years reportedly for indecent and sexual assaults in Cardiff, the Guardian reported on Friday. 

Mohammad Haji Saddique, an Imam at a mosque in Cardiff, used to teach Quran to children at the mosque. According to reports in the British media, he touched his female students inappropriately in front of his class and poked them with a stick as they studied.


Mohammed Haji Saddique taught at Madina mosque in Cardiff for more than 30 years. Photograph: South Wales police/PA

Saddique, who had been teaching at the mosque for 30 years, was found guilty of eight counts of sexual assaults and six counts of indecent assaults. The assaults took place between 1996 and 2006.

A Cardiff crown court judge jailed him for 13 years and ordered him to be immediately registered as a sex offender.

An investigation was first launched against Saddique in 2006 when two girls accused him of sexual assault. However, it remained fruitless as Saddique denied the allegations. Investigation was reopened in 2016 when two more girls came forward and eventually led to his conviction.

Saddique, born in Hong Kong, would “touch the girls under their traditional loose-fitting clothing during his lessons, and rub them against his groin and legs,” the Guardian reported.

Praising the girls for their bravery, the judge lamented that the imam had “no idea” of the harm he caused to his victims. He expressed hope that more people will come forward to report sexual assaults after the conviction.

Meanwhile Saddique, who has also lived in Pakistan, denied the allegations as being a conspiracy against him by people at the mosque.


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  1. Why aren’t Muslims taking to the streets and protesting these kinds of incidents-major hypocrisy!

  2. Sexual predators exist in all societies, it’s a question of discovering them. Perhaps there is a degree of ignorance about this subject, and it should be raised within mosques, like so many other issues. Life is not exclusively about learning and reading the Koran. People need a broader education and understanding. This was the case with Christianity too, but they have largely moved on. That does not mean that all is perfect, we are learning all the time.

  3. Sexual grooming is a British value. The poor imam is trying to adopt this value in the name of integration.

    A couple of poor migrant Muslim youths are trying to adopt this value in the name of integration. They must be punished for adopting this value.

    We live in a time where sexual abuse of children has become a social norm in parts of the country. That will be the case as long as some get away with denying that there are cultural reasons for this. And since we are a multi-cultural society, this does not only apply to the traditional indigenous cultures.

    Why native girls are victim of sexual grooming while hardly any Muslim girl is victim of such crime. The reason is that Muslim parents do not allow their daughters to move around the streets at night.

    An English colleague of a Muslim confided to him that how lucky were Muslims. He said that all of you Muslims may or may not go to Paradise in the next life, but the way I see you lot, you have Paradise here on earth. Asked to explain this, he said that while you are here at work you have utterly no worry as to what your wife must be doing at home. Also while you are at work your wife has no worries about you, and every bit confidant that you may be not be flirting with some female colleague at work but busy doing your days work. He confided that a majority of us English do not get such peace of mind. In fact most of our life is spent in turmoil and worries. So who will be prepared to trade peaceful life for life full of turmoil by integrating ?

    Sexual grooming or child abuse has nothing to with Islam, nor does Islam encourage this so I don’t see why Islam is in the spotlight! When white men commit sexual crimes is Christianity suggested as a source of such actions. If anything with the sex scandals taking place in the church maybe it would be correct to put Christianity in the spotlight! The only acceptable relationship between men and women apart from family blood relations in Islam is via marriage, thus an Islamic society does not encourage free mixing between the sexes unless its in the context of marriage! Many of these men have been forced into marriages from a young age due to culture and not Islam and maybe this a cause to why they feel the need to look elsewhere. However its very clear morally ethically and Islamically this is wrong . Be sure Islamic justice system would be much harsher! Lets all conclude that Indian men have a rape issue and all white men are paedophiles..rotten apples i tell ya!

    Under the law of Islam, the punishment for rapist is “stoned to death” in public by public — no matter what religion the criminal is affiliated. Rape is considered as a serious offense in Islam warranting death to offenders, more than just “illegal sexual intercourse” commonly known as adultery.
    There is nothing wrong with Islam and Muslims.

    The people who are raping are in the wrong, however we do not have the right to blame the ethnic and religion for the certain people committing these crimes. Yes it is wrong, and they should be dealt with separately. But this doesn’t mean the whole of Islam and Muslims are ‘diseases’ or anything like that. Remember rape is happening all over the world from every single background, ethnicity etc. We should purify ourselves and help each other, rather then pointing and blaming someone’s belief and background on what someone had done. Incidentally, less than 1 % of those rapes and heinous child abuse cases are committed by Muslims.

    Rape and whatever else is mentioned here is completely prohibited in Islam. Before hating the Muslims and their religion of Islam, I advise you to actually look into the religion. If anyone cares enough to stop bashing the beliefs of Islam, you would find that it is a religion of peace. You might even learn a thing or two about human morality, and how to treat others through the teaching of the prophet and his family.

  4. ‘Sexual grooming is a British value. The poor imam is trying to adopt this value in the name of integration.

    A couple of poor migrant Muslim youths are trying to adopt this value in the name of integration. They must be punished for adopting this value.’

    1. Sexual grooming is hardly a value, British or otherwise.

    2. The imam is not trying to adopt this ‘value’, he is what is known as a ‘dirty old man’, who likes to get sexual pleasure from young girls; this is a common practice in some Middle Eastern countries, where hear of sexual slavery, involving mainly young girls, even now. Like many such old men, this imam probably has daughters and granddaughters. He is hardly a ‘poor’ man, although he may have issues as a pervert. It has nothing to do with religion, Christian, Muslim, or other, rather men’s primitive instincts. Such cases are heard of frequently, and the men must be treated for a psychological disorder, or punished. All have to learn that this behaviour is not acceptable.

    3. To suggest that ‘a couple of poor migrant Muslim youths are trying to adopt this ‘value’ in the name of integration’ is a nonsensical statement. These youth may have been indoctrinated by criminal gangs, but they have committed crimes and need to be punished. I was very surprised to learn about the number of Muslim men languishing in jails, many for sexual offences. I had not expected this, but it proves that these problems exist across all societies, a crime is a crime whoever commits it. All young men need to be taught to respect women, so that they can move freely around without being molested. Locking women away is not the answer.

    4. I see things from a ‘Western’ perspective, but acknowledge that life is not perfect, that good and bad exist everywhere, and problems need to be addressed as necessary by the laws of the land. And in the teachings of Christianity, Judaism and Islam there are more similarities than differences, hardly surprising since they originate from the same source.

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