Purged: The officers who cannot go home to Turkey

Source: BBC News

Last July, a botched military coup led to fighting on the streets of Ankara and Istanbul. Quickly peace was restored, the perpetrators were arrested – and a purge began of thousands of people, from judges to teachers, accused of links with the plotters. As Maria Psara in Brussels explains, the purge reached as far as Belgium, where its effects are still being felt.

Sitting at the back of a small cafe in Brussels, the two men were looking around to check whether they had been followed. The two women who accompanied them were silent, waiting for a signal that it was safe to talk.

Ibrahim had already told me that they all feared for their lives.

“The Turkish media call us ‘terrorists’ and say that Turkish or even Russian intelligence should kill us,” he said. “Turkish officials describe us as traitors and advise people to attack us if they meet us.”

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