‘We shouldn’t have to keep saying sorry’: After the London attack, Muslims react with fear and anger

Source: The Washington Post

By Jennifer Hassan

LONDON — Even before authorities named the assailant in the Westminster attack as 52-year-old Khalid Masood, the word “Muslims” began trending on Twitter. Despite limited details on the attacker’s faith and hours before ISIS claimed responsibility, Muslims almost instantly came under fire on social media.

As more details on the attack outside Parliament unfolded, many people expressed their concerns about the dangers of finger-pointing online. Some highlighted the fear that many Muslims face during and after terrorist attacks.

It has to be said that when something like this happens Muslims are thinking “Please don’t be a Muslim” because of the aftermath they face.

Brown Muslims in the UK all holding their breath bc thats how it works now we watch things unfold in the same horror bt w/ the added anxiety

The Muslim Council of Britain swiftly condemned the attack, along with two leading London mosques. In just two days, a Muslim-led campaign ‘Muslims United for London’ raised thousands of dollars for the victims.

“I’m angry at the perpetrator,” wrote the campaign organizer Muddassar Ahmed in the Independent. “I’m angry at myself for being so helpless. And I’m angry that all my fellow Muslims can do is condemn the attack. Isn’t there more?”

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  1. @ Mudassar Ahmad , you have made yourself helpless . Go through your ideology , you will find the reasons behind such barbaric and heinous acts . It is your council which threatened to boycott the peace meeting if ahmadies are invited . Do you not understand that this threatening is the first step towards terrorism . Secondly , you are hiding your ideology , make it open , let people discuss , I am sure you will not feel helpless .

  2. I wonder whites or non Muslims were not terrorists when mercilessly killed humans in millions indiscriminately like in World Wars I & II, killings by Stalin, Holocaust, Killings by Nazis of Poles, Russians, and other Europeans, killings of Germans, decade long carpet bombings day and night Of Vietnam, Korean wars, killing in Myanmar of Muslims, killings in Cambodia by Pol Pot, killings in Ukraine, Bombings of Hiroshima & Nagasaki, genocide and ethnic cleansing in Balkans, mass killings in Muslim lands of innocent civilians both by terrorists and by opposing forces in the name of war against terrorism, fighting among warring factions for control with proxy wars where too Muslim lands and people are worst victims. No Muslim country in the world is supporting or carrying out terrorism and instead all are themselves worst victims and actively at war against terrorism and militancy.

    I failed to understand why term has been coined of Muslim terrorism, when none but only Muslim lands and its people are worst victims with even their own places of worships, religious processions, holy shrines etc are not secure and routinely come under deadly attacks causing carnage of innocent people while no such comparable threats or attacks on any non-Muslim. Lands except seldom sporadic incidents of one or two killings. Further incidents of killings and shoot outs by non Muslims are suppressed while a single isolated incident by a Muslim is much propagated out of proportions and given various colours.

    In the media discussion of Masood’s ‘radicalisation’, old acquaintances of his have said it was the racism he experienced in rural Kent that made him snap. Others, citing his past instances of drug-fuelled anti-social behaviour, suggest he was not quite responsible for his violent behaviour. Some of these claims contain a hint that he was a put-upon, vulnerable individual and perhaps even suffered from some kind of mental illness. Reports claim that when he left prison – following a conviction for violent assault – he was a ‘changed man’. In prison he converted to Islam and some think it was this process of radicalisation that led him to jihadist violence.

    Islam didn’t bring violence to him. He brought violence to Islam. Accept the facts. He got a Muslim name.. That’s enough for Islamophobic Muslim haters sick people to bash 1.8 billion Muslims. Even they are not ashamed to hide American killing 47 and 233 civilian in Syrian and Iraq on 23 and 26 of this month. His lifestyle & behaviour is not one fitting of a Muslim or any decent human being. He was a British Christian terrorist that u guys are ashamed of therefore thinking the right place to dump pig blame is to associate him with Islam….Shame on u.

    Lets not also Forget, He was a Christian for 45 years Adrian Russell.. he become violent and stabbed people while he was a Christian… I guess maybe that a very Christian upbringing isn’t it??

    This man has a string of crimes and violence before using any religion has an excuse. I would just call him a crazed Brit. where did the guy in London state anywhere that he was doing it in the name of Islam … nowhere. The sad thing is more people have died at the hands of kids going into schools and shooting their class mates. Over the last decade than any attack blamed on religious or political purposes. More unharmed men have died at the end of a police officers gun. But they blame Islam.

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