Day: March 13, 2017

Ahmadiyya Muslims in Seattle organize “Meet a Muslim Day”

Source: By Tyrone Beason |Seattle Times staff reporter ‘Meet a Muslim Day’ a chance to display true face of Islam, young men say Originally published March 11, 2017 at 7:53 pm Updated March 12, 2017 at 8:04 am Locals joined the national effort to dispel myths about Islam and put a human […]

USA: Coffee, Cake And True Islam at Ahmadiyya Muslm’s Al Nur mosque in Wilkinsburg

Source: By Adnan Ahmed Adnan Ahmed a graduate of the Ahmadiyya Institute of Islamic Studies of Toronto. He is currently serving as Imam of Ahmad Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Pittsburgh. Since Donald J. Trump has been sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, skepticism and uncertainty have  enshrouded many […]

Milwaukee’s Ahmadi Muslims host their inaugural National #MeetAMuslim Day at St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Source: Maggie Angst , Milwaukee Journal Sentinel As hundreds gathered Saturday in downtown Milwaukee to watch the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, a small group set out on a different mission — to debunk misconceptions. Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association, a nationwide group, hosted its inaugural National #MeetAMuslim Day Saturday across 50 cities […]

“Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam”: #MeetAMuslim Campaign Breaks Down Barriers-Educates Public About Islam

Source: By Brendan Weber and Kent Wilhoite Iftikhar Khan, donning a white T-shirt with an American flag imprinted on it, graced the streets of San Jose on Saturday to teach the public about one topic: Islam. “The vast majority of Americans don’t know a Muslim and a lot of Americans […]

Oshkosh’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Community set up #MeetAMuslim Day

Source: Jorge Rodas OSHKOSH, Wis. (WBAY) – Muslims in Oshkosh and in 79 other places across the country this weekend extended a hand to their communities to take away misconceptions or fears about Islam. They’ve dubbed the event, ‘Meet A Muslim’. Muslims in local communities say it’s their responsibility to […]

Ahmadiyya’s #MeetAMuslim Day comes to Indy to remove wrong ideas of Islam or Muslims

Source: Kara Berg , The fact that people are now willing to listen to Muslims gives Faran Rabbani hope. Hope that America now has a place for Muslims. Hope that people’s attitudes will change for the better toward Muslims. Rabbani, the director of faith outreach for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association, created the national #MeetAMuslim […]

Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association bring #MeetAMuslim campaign to Tempe

Source: ive men stood on Mill Avenue in Tempe on Saturday afternoon holding signs reading, “I’m a Muslim. Ask me anything.” The public responded with hugs, high-fives, car-horn honks and a few questions. On Mill Avenue, the group handed out pamphlets explaining “True Islam” in an attempt to change some misconceptions. […]

San Jose Ahmadiyya Muslim’s #MeetAMuslim aimed at building acceptance

Source: By TATIANA SANCHEZ | | SAN JOSE — With signs that read “Ask me anything” and “Meet a Muslim,” dozens of young Muslim men and boys in the Bay Area and beyond stood in public places Saturday in hopes of combating Islamophobia simply by talking with people. The […]