China ‘striving for new world order’

Source: ET


In 2004, it overtook France. In 2005, it surpassed the United Kingdom. A year later it left Germany behind. In 2009, it dethroned Japan. And now it has set its sights on the No 1 spot. Never before in history has a country achieved such an unprecedented and phenomenal economic growth.

This is the story of China, which is poised to lead the world economy and by doing so lead the world literally. To achieve that, which many in the West consider China’s ambitious plan, President Xi Jinping unveiled the ‘one belt, one road’ initiative to revive the silk route during his visit to Kazakhstan in 2013.

At Renmin University in Beijing, one of the top three universities in China, Professor Dr Wang Yiwei gave a rare insight into the initiative to a select group of Pakistani journalists who were on a study tour to Beijing and Shanghai.


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