LIVE: Police preparing ‘immediate action’ in west of Germany

LIVE: Police preparing 'immediate action' in west of Germany
Photo: DPA
German police are searching for a Tunisian man whose ID document they found in the truck which attacked a Berlin Christmas market on Monday, German media report.

12.15pm A report in Bild suggests that the Polish man found dead in the passenger seat of the truck may have prevented a higher death toll.

The tabloid claims to have talked to people familiar with the postmortem who say that he wad shot after the rampage.

The body reportedly shows the signs of a fight suggesting that the man, who was the driver of the truck before it was taken over by the attacker, tried to grab the steering wheel away from the attacker.

12.02pm The Süddeutsche Zeitung is reporting that the suspect received permission to stay in Germany in April, but that he was classified as “dangerous” by authorities.


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