Any policy to derail the holy Haj rituals is totally unacceptable in Islam,” and amounted to “criminal behavior.”


JEDDAH: Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh has slammed Iran for what he described as attempts to create mischief at Haj and divide Muslims.

Speaking on the Makkah radio show “Fatwa Fountains,” and reported by a local publication here, he said that “any policy to derail the holy Haj rituals is totally unacceptable in Islam,” and amounted to “criminal behavior.”
“Our Islamic religion established the Haj rituals as worship and obedience to God the Almighty, not as a platform for ignorance, and to spread heresy and for political purposes.”
Al-Asheikh said there was “no place” for those wanting to spread falsehood, and referred to several attempts by Iran to cause chaos at the Grand Mosque over the years. He said there were also sects that had been involved in taking the black stone “for 22 years until the will of God the Almighty returned it to its place. It is unacceptable to politicize Haj.”
The grand mufti said that Allah has entrusted Saudi Arabia with the responsibility of serving the Two Holy Mosques. “Saudi Arabia has assumed this responsibility and has the right to put in place regulations and laws for the safety and comfort of pilgrims. Everyone must obey and abide by such regulations and laws,” he said.


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2 replies

  1. The news is circulating for many days. However no one knows why agreement was not acceptable by Iran. Please also publish the points raised by Iran.

  2. ‘Any policy to derail the Holy Haj is totally unacceptable in Islam. This is a typical case of religious isolation, defended vigorously by selfimposed ignorance I.e grownup little boys’ automated, narrow minded mentality that is triggered into a mindless, closed in reaction.

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