Are Ahmadis Muslims? Let us ask Prophet Muhammad

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Creed of Islam should define and unite all Muslims

Source: Huffington Post

By Kashif N. Chaudhry, Physician, writer and human rights activist

An Ahmadi Muslim shopkeeper, Mr. Asad Shah, was recently stabbed to death in Glasgow, UK. Mr. Tanveer Ahmad, a Sunni Muslim of Pakistani origin, claimed he committed the act because Asad had “disrespected Islam.” In his eyes, Asad was a blasphemer. The Sunni extremist group, Almi Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nubuwat (AMTKN), found to have links with Al Qaeda, sent out a message congratulating all Muslims on Asad’s murder. Just a few days later, ‘Kill Ahmadis’ pamphlets were found at the group’s Mosque in Stockwell. Other Sunni groups in Pakistan also praised Mr. Tanveer as a hero of Islam and congratulated the Sunnis on his “courageous act.”

Following the murder, the Muslim Council of Britain released a statement clarifying that they would not identify Mr. Asad Shah as a Muslim. King’s College academic Mr. Shiraz Maher also voiced the same sentiment, asking if there was a problem if he did not consider Mr. Asad Shah a ‘real Muslim?’ Also following the murder, a sign calling on fellow Sunnis to boycott the Ahmadi Muslims and sever all ties with them was put up at the largest Sunni Mosque in Slough, UK. “Qadianis (pejorative for Ahmadi Muslims) … are not Muslims,” the sign said.

Where Mr. Asad Shah’s murder has brought different communities together in solidarity, it has also brought a deep-rooted, disturbing, sectarian phenomenon to the fore.

Ahmadi Muslims, who constitute the largest organized Muslim community in the world, have long been persecuted in Sunni-majority countries. In 1974, Pakistan declared the Ahmadis a non-Muslim minority in its constitution. In 1984, new laws restricting their religious freedom were passed. Since then, scores of Ahmadi Muslims – including three of my uncles – have been jailed for reciting the Quran, praying like a Muslim, saying the Muslim call to prayer, identifying as a Muslim etc. Interestingly, when Mr. Toaha Qureshi of the notorious Stockwell Mosque was questioned regarding this well-known apartheid of Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan, he conveniently placed the blame on the victims themselves. “No they do not (live in fear). That is their desire, to come here and get political asylum. Nothing else,” he claimed.

It is not only the Pakistani State. Saudi Arabia also bans the Ahmadi Muslims from open profession. Indonesia has strict laws that restrict the religious freedom of the Ahmadi Muslims. The basis of this oppression is the orthodox Sunni view (shared by some Shia clerics) that aspects of the Ahmadiyya belief make them unfit to identify as Muslim. This certainly begs the question, who is a Muslim? And who has the authority to dismiss self-identifying Muslims as ‘infidels?’

When people converted to Islam, Prophet Muhammad – the founder of the Islamic faith – only required them to pledge allegiance to the oneness of God and the truth of his prophetic mission. There was no other requirement whatsoever. This is why Muslims have long believed that the Kalima (proclaiming oneness of God and prophethood of Muhammad) is the basis of the Islamic faith. The question of who would be counted as a Muslim came up during the first census in the State of Medina. Prophet Muhammad asked that anyone who claimed to be Muslim be counted as one. Their profession of Islam was all he required to be considered a part of the Muslim community. There was no religious test devised to test a claimant’s ‘Muslimness.’ Prophet Muhammad knew well that there were hypocrites living in Medina, some of whom were even conspiring against him. Prophet Muhammad knew that they did not even consider him a true prophet. Yet, not only did he never forbid them from identifying with the Muslims, he allowed them open access to his Mosque. Rather than forbid them from praying and punishing them for ‘posing as Muslim,’ he in fact prayed with them, and for them.

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  1. Muslim is one who believes in Allah and His Messengers. Which includes Prophet Muhammad (Sallallhu alihi wasallam).

    jews and christians who reject Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) cannot be Muslim

      • Mirza bashir views on takfir is contradictory. he tells Muslims not call his group kafir, but yet he himself calls anyone who reject mirza ghulam as kafir! clear hypocrisy there

      • And you will find that there will be complete silence from the Qadianis on this point. Their mantra “love for all, hatred for non” is just a political slogan to make themselves look moderate and reasonable whereas they are no better than those who call them kafirs.

      • Mohtram, Ahmadis believe what Muhammad (saw) has said.

        Please, could you tell us the Quranic definition of a Muslim and definition of Muslim by Muhammad (saw)? I reject all other definitions.

        We follow Quran and Muhammad (saw). We reject all other definition of a Muslim.

        We 100 % agree with Quranic definition and definition of Muslim by Muhammad (saw).

        We consider everybody a Muslim whom Quran and Muhammad (saw) declare Muslim.

        My humble opinion:

        Only God is the Judge in these matters.

  2. Let us stop digging the past and for future agree to a simple definition that anyone who calls himself a Muslim is a Muslim for our civic life and to get together for the human rights of every one and to refute Islamophobia, which is becoming more rampant in the West.

    • Zia – This is a convenient ‘cop out’. Forget the past. Do you not believe that Mirza Mahmood sahib was the Promised Son? He did not say anyone who calls himself a Muslim is a Muslim. You need to face your past and not tell us not to point these things out to you!!!

  3. To educated Muslim around the world
    Let us recognize that Ahmadiyyah is a true Muslim, even they believe in that there is prophet after Muhammad pbuh. Do not follow the extremist Clerics who do not accept the different interpretation of Verses.

    Let us race in good deeds as much as possible for society. Because of conflict without end, Muslim are behind far from other religion, is it a shame ?

    Progressive Muslim

    • “worldwideahmadiyyaanjumansishaatislam” Sahib.

      Why don’t you honor the definition of Muslim by Prophet Muhammad (saw)?
      Why do you cop out of the definition of Muslim by Prophet Muhammad (saw)?
      Don’t you believe in Prophet Muhammad (saw)?

      We have clearly said that “anyone who calls himself a Muslim is a Muslim”. We 100% reject every definition of Muslim that is contrary to the definition of Prophet Muhammad (saw). Which word is confusing for you in this statement?

      Please don’t try to change the topic. Khalifa Mirza Mahmud Ahmad is not the topic here. In this string, we never told you to believe in Khalifa Mirza Mahmud Ahmad or his definition. Khalifa Mirza Mahmud Ahmad is not under discussion here. If you are interested in Khalifa Mirza Mahmud Ahmad then start a new topic in a different string but do not try to hijack this string. I request the admin to remove those out of order comments.

  4. Once again every one who calls himself or herself a Muslim is a Muslim; period. Allah is the Master of the Day of Judgment, we read that in every Salat so who can refuse that?

    Fifty year old comments cannot be read properly without recreating the old context to the fullest.

    • The Holy Quran is 1500 years old and the hadith is 1400 years old. Yet you are happy to quote these. Your difficulty is that you believe Mian Mahmud to be the Promised Son and that your khalifa is infallible. He is the one who said that everyone who does not take the baiat is a kafir. What context do you want on this? Throughout his life he wrote and made speeches to justify this. He forbade your jamaat to say the funeral prayers of non-Ahmadi Muslim children. Sir Zafarullah did not say Jinnah’s funeral prayers. So what context do you want? One the one hand you quote a 1400 year old hadith to justify a new prophethood while on the other hand you say we should not be looking at what Mian Mahmud sahib said 50 years ago. You need to do better!!!

      • “worldwideahmadiyyaanjumansishaatislam” Sahib.
        You are trying to highjack the string to satisfy your ulterior motives.The Promised Son, Mian Mahmud, Khalifa Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, Sir Zafarullah are not under discussion in this string.

        Please be advised that if you are interested in these pious personalities, please start a new string with these names or topics. Admin should remove out of order comments from here.

      • There are too many ‘anonymous’ guys around here. It would be nice if you would use a name. If it was your real name it would be even nicer. Unless you are scared of something or the other…

  5. A person who believes in Jesus(pbuh) and his Book “BIBLE” is Christian. A person who believes in last prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his book “AL_QURAN is MUSLIM—-Ahmadis do not believe in being Muhammad as last Prophet are not Muslim.

    • Sami— the true definition of Islam or Muslim as follow:

      Those who believe in Creator or God and believe in Hereafter they are Islam.

      Those who believe Creator and Jesus are Christians followers, they are Islam too

      Those who believe in prophet Muhammad and other previous prophets are the Muhammads followers or Muslim

      According to Q.22:78. God say to Muhammad pbuh that Jews, Christian and Muslim are all Islam.

      So Ahmadiyyah is true Islam even they believe Prophet Muhamnad was not the last prophet

      This is my understanding of Islam

    • seems you did not find the time (yet) to read the full articles. Please try …

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