A New Bill Passed by Pakistan National Assembly: Finality of Prophethood restored to its original form

Source: Pakistan Today

  • Finality of Prophethood restored to its original form

  • Law minister says amended bill will make clauses relating to Khatm-e-Nabuwwat more effective

  • ‘Separate voters’ list will be created for Ahmadis as they’ll not be included in list for Muslims’

ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly on Thursday unanimously passed the crucial Constitutional Amendment Bill 2017 which seeks fresh delimitation of constituencies ahead of the upcoming general elections on the basis of provisional results of the population census.

The NA also passed the bill regarding the amendment to Elections Bill 2017, which pertains to restoring the Finality of Prophethood clause to its original form. The bill retained the status of Ahmadiyya community in the light of constitution, and the affidavit has been restored in its original form.

Both the bills were presented before the assembly by Law Minister Zahid Hamid which will be sent to Senate after their passage from the NA.

The parliamentarians cast 242 votes in favour of the amendment, which required 228 to pass with a two-thirds majority in the house of 342.

According to the latest amendment, while the number of NA seats will remain the same, Punjab will lose out on seats as its proportion in Pakistan’s population has fallen to 52pc in 2017 from 56pc in 1998.

The provinces of Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will gain the seats lost by Punjab, while Sindh’s share will remain the same.

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  1. Very sad News for Human Right, excited news for the extremist Muslim and terrorist.
    Pakistan will fall into the hands of extremist Muslim and cinflic will continue between who fight for demicratic seculare or zhuman Right with the extremist Muslim who support extremist ideology Taliban.

    Pakistan on the edge of warfare!
    We urge UN and America to restore Human Right and abolish blasphemy law before too late.

    All love

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