Five Ahmedis shot, injured in two incidents in Pakistan


Whoever kills a fellow human, it is as if he has triggered a genocide. (Al Quran 3:32/33)


The Muslim Times has the best collection to overcome inter-sectarian divide and suggests secularism and emphasis on human rights as solution to these problems of hate and prejudice

Source: Daily Times

July 9, 2018

Lahore: Five Ahmedi citizens of Pakistan were shot and injured in two separate incidents of hate crime on Saturday.

In Jaranwala, an Ahmedi couple was shot and injured by two identified gunmen who broke into the house in Abu Zar Colony.

In his complaint to the police, Ziaudin, 41, a gold jeweler, said that he was home with his wife and son when two assailants broke in while a third man stood guard at the main door. He said his wife suffered a bullet injury in her thigh as the attackers opened fire.

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  1. UPDATE: Zafarullah Sahab who was shot by robbers in Karachi also succumbed to his injuries and passed away tonight. Please remember the bereaved family in your prayers. He was 25 year old.

  2. Reblogged this on Progressive Islam. and commented:
    A wise leader always want to learn new things to move on, but a foolish always hate, afraid and angry—

    So those who persecute Ahmadiyyah Muslim are foolish people who hate Ahmadiyyah who has their own Imam or Masshiah.

    The extremist Muslim are foolish or stupid they have lack of knowledge and evil control their life, very sad indeed.

    They are wolve with sheeps clothing who ready to kill others any time.
    This extremist Muslim are enemy of humanity or mankind.
    We gave to defeat them or they will defeat us.

    There is no compromise with extremist, they are a killer or murderer.

    May Allah guude them to the truth of Islam. Amen
    All love ❤️
    Love is the seed of presce, happiness and prodperity but hatred is ghe seed of evil, violence and poverty

  3. I urge all Muslim who in free world to condenm The extremist intolerant who persecute and kill innocent Ahmadiyyah Muslim.

    The true Islam is that there is no compulsion in religion of Allah ( Yudaism, Christian and Muslim ) every one is free to interprete Al Quran according to his knowledge.

    This verse has 13 interpretations from Islamic scholars.
    Watch this video very interesting and make us all to except many ibterpretation of verses in Al Quran in order we can live in peace in diversity. Only Allah knows the truth.

    All love ❤️
    After you listen it, please give us your comment.Thank.
    Dr.Omar Ali -de- Unzaga

  4. From my view that Aga Khan is a Modren Imam of Muslim in 21th Century with Modren Islamic teaching that fit in Plusrlsm society. Amazing Imam or leader of Ismaili sect of Islam.

    I would like to invite you all to vidit Ismsili Web here.
    Hopefully we can learn a new interpretation of Islam.

    All love ❤️
    A wise man always learn he till die but a foolish always reject or hate to learn.

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