Toronto: Ajax mosque receives threatening voicemails

Durham regional police are investigating after an Ajax mosque received two threatening phone calls in one week.

Waqqas Syed, president of the Islamic Society of Ajax, said the first call came in on April 8 and the second on April 16.

“When we heard the first message we thought it could be some kind of joke … at the same time we took the call seriously and we called the police,” Syed explained.

He said that after the second call came in, he began to get very concerned, not only for his own safety but for the hundreds who visit the mosque every day.

In the first message, the unknown caller said “Is this where all the f***ing Muslims are? We’re going to get you you f***ing Muslims. We’re going to f*** ing get you you f***ing Muslims. F***ing b***ch.”

Syed said that although he understands some people are angry about events they see in the news, calling someone a terrorist and threatening their lives is not a joke.

“If you threaten somebody that ‘I’ll kill you’ – this is a very serious thing and nobody should take these things lightly. Killing somebody and killing the whole community is not a joke,” he said.

The calls appeared to have come from a pay phone. Police are trying to identify the caller and the phone he used.

Syed said before these phone calls they have never had any problems within their community – which he describes a very tight-knit and supportive.

“We are so close, we are like family. Regardless of religion,” he explained. “Our council, our member of parliament, our MPP, everybody is very much connected with this centre. And whenever we need their help, they are always here”

Ajax mosque receives threatening voicemails, police investigating

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