How international development institutions are becoming hubs for addressing violent extremism

Eric Rosand Thursday, October 19, 2017   Observing recent developments in the United States, one might assume that countering/preventing violent extremism (CVE or PVE) is a quickly disappearing policy fad of the Obama administration. These efforts encompass a range of law enforcement and non-law enforcement means to prevent individuals from […]

What does it mean to be at war with “radical Islam”? On the attractions and dangers of a vague term

MARKAZ Daniel L. Byman Wednesday, January 4, 2017 MARKAZ Editor’s Note:President-elect Donald Trump and some of his senior advisors have stressed the need to focus on radical Islam and criticized President Obama for avoiding that specific label, writes Dan Byman. It is tempting to dismiss the newcomers’ views as naïve and bigoted, but […]