Hundreds of violent neo-Nazis roam freely in Germany


Germany has been under threat of rising Neo-Nazi presence in German society.

Some 470 neo-Nazis, a number of whom are wanted for violent crimes by the German authorities, are at large throughout the country, as support for the far-right has increased over the last four years

Around 470 right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis are successfully evading arrest in Germany, according to information provided by the Interior Ministry, as the German police have trouble in finding and arresting violent neo-Nazis. At the end of September, 467 right-wing extremists were being sought under an arrest warrant, with 108 of them wanted in relation to politically motivated crimes, the ministry said in response to a parliamentary question from left-wing party Die Linke. The figures show a clear rise between 2014 and 2016. In September 2017, 501 cases of this sort were registered, the number falling to 457 in March this year.

Around a quarter of those being sought are known to the security authorities as perpetrators of violent crime. Some are known to have gone abroad, with Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic and Italy being among the destinations.

“The security authorities must now come up with some ideas to get hold of these fugitive Nazis more quickly,” Ulla Jelpke, Linke spokeswoman on the interior, said as reported by German news service dpa. She said the numbers presented an “alarming sign that the Nazi scene is violent and criminal and remains so.”


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