Bosnia becomes home to radical Islamists


Bosnia has reportedly become a hub for radical Islamists. They recruit fighters, promote jihad and preach a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam — just across the border from the European Union, according to a report published by Germany’s Spiegel online.

As many as 300 Islamist radicals have left Bosnia-Herzegovina to join Islamic State or al-Qaeda in Syria or Iraq. Two of the most wanted terrorists in the world are among them: Bajro Ikanovic, for many years the commander of the largest IS training camp in northern Syria; and Nusret Imamovic, a leading member of the Nusra Front in Syria, a group tied to al-Qaeda.

According to American Balkan expert and former NSA employee, John Schindler, Bosnia “is considered something of a ‘safe house’ for radicals”.


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  1. It was since long feared and loud voice was raised by peace loving Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. An urgent eradication is needed to nub the evil from its roots. Hope concerned authorities can do it without delay.

  2. Besides authorities , religious leaders , Muslim intellectuals and Muslim mass must play their roles to nub the evil from its root . Mr. Tanveer’ s ideology is indicating the root cause behind the terrorist activities . Unless this cause is not accepted anti – Islamic , it will be difficult to nub the evil. It is prime time to make the ahmadiyya ideology which is nothing but true Islam , common .

  3. Mass publicity of Ahmadiyya ideology is one way to achieve this goal and all should try for it.

  4. Well said gentlemen! Unfortunately – violence is begetting violence here. Still fresh from the Bosnian conflict – these very high numbers of recruits – will lead to something horrible but inevitable – such a backlash – it will rewrite the history of invasion and bloodshed in the region. Former Yugoslavia will unite over this breeding ground – as I believe their tolerance for this b.s. is running low – as is many other countries. Didn’t both world wars start with gunshots in this region historically?

  5. So MD you fear another problem in this region. Oh my God where one should go and live peacefully.

    • Glad you asked! I was fortunate to be in former Yugoslavia 25 years ago. Left weeks before their civil war. Remarkable the beauty of that country. Also remarkable to see from one town and valley to the next – enclaves of entire muslim, catholic or orthodox communities. Their history a long and complicated one. I did not witness trust or cooperation at that time – I simply observed the past hadn’t been forgotten yet – and there was no common fabric or dialogue. My observation though – was that Islam had conquered parts of that country ( such a peaceful religion) and over time the natives took their land back. I am not trying to correct history here – nor advocate violence. Like many absolutely horrified at the ethnic cleansing. Those wounds still fresh. So now we find 300 young men or more radicalized from that region (muslims far less than 1/3 of the population). This IS the opportunity to not point fingers but find a way to find the root of the problem and ask for change. What continues to fester is an us and them mentality – and all of this violence continues to be caused by ‘a peaceful religion’. Muslims themselves must address this first. Not because of anyone else’s opinions. But knowing and accepting there IS a problem are 2 positive steps to correcting it. The alternative whether you want to hear it or not – is history will repeat itself in that region and elsewhere. The majority will absolutely have had enough and average citizens will start to make any muslim a target. I will say this though Zubair – your sarcasm wasn’t warranted. The region will make it’s own history regardless of my opinions (and for the record – I am not in any way related or from that part of the world) Where should one go to live peacefully? That’s the root problem there isn’t it. it’s NOT my people or religion blowing up buses, mosques, stabbing civilians, or plotting to destroy a GO train here in Toronto. I don’t talk about tolerance and freedom – I live it. I talk to my neighbours. Even though some of them appear to be plotting against me. I support many charities including ISNA and islamic relief. Can muslims make the same claim to support the st. vincent de paul food drive? Most likely not. I have reached out to my local mosque and several Imam’s and muslims online to learn more about the faith. None have taken the time to answer back. the ONLY admirable exception are 3 Ahmadiyya intellectuals/writers. As a sect within Islam I applaud you guys and Canada is open for business and welcoming to all immigrants – the Ahmadiyya celebrating 50 years in Ottawa. But the next time something blows up around the world – and heaven forbid in my own city – all bets are off. The back lash inevitable. So let’s get back to OH dear Md – where should one live in peace. That peace comes with a price. It’s as much about giving as taking and as much about getting involved wherever muslims live. Still think Islam is a peaceful religion?

      • During the turmoil in the region as well afterwards remained involved with Muslims and Christians of the area. Now again for two years stationed in Zagreb. Your analysis is true but for people who are either elderly or in forties. Made lot of interactions with youngsters who are in twenties and some in thirties. They are open minded and want to forget past. However elderly generation controlling the whole region is prolem. This elderly generation does not want to forget or forgive the rival religious followers or ethnicities. And here you are right one can smell another regional turmoil.
        Ahmadiyya is trying its best but faces lot of obstacles from local and Bosnian Islamic clergy which is remotely controlled by KSA.
        You stayed here for 25 years. What you suggest in such scenario. May be I can be of help if some possitive suggestion is coming forward from your side.

  6. It is a matter of concern that peaceful character of Islam is questioned . Who is responsible ? It should not be denied that it is we who representing and following that Islam which can be everything but true Islam . Is there any logic behind the ideology that since one does not have my faith , so he is not a Muslim and is liable to be killed ? Can it be justified that a true religion needs sword ? Should snatching the religious freedom be accepted ? Is it necessary to accept other’s view for survival ? It is prime time for Muslim intellectual and mass to review the thoughts of Muslim ulemah. A good mother does not close her eyes or start crying or blaming others when is told about the wrongs of her child , but takes all positive steps for the betterment of the child , family traditions and society . As far as ahmaddiyya. Community is concerned , it moves around two basic facts ; first ” all praise belong to Allah alone , Lord of all the world ( not only of Muslims ) , secondly ” We have not sent thee ( Mohammed SAW ) but as a mercy for all people ” . This is why Love For All , Hatred For None ; is the motto of the community .

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