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  1. Has it now become permissible to seek the assistance of the infidel in fighting a ‘believing brother’?

    • A good question. I would also support that Muslim nations should solve their problems among themselves, however, all modern weapons / planes / bombs are manufactured in the oh-so-peaceloving-West and exported / donated / distributed in Muslim nations. If ‘the West’ would want peace in this region they could simply not supply arms (oho, bad for business). Quite a dilemma.

  2. Q: The Big Questions: Should the British stop tolerating intolerance?

    A: ‘Yes’ when it comes to actions (i.e. intolerance should not limit the rights and opportunities of other people), but ‘No’ when it comes to words (i.e. people can and should be able to express their views, even intolerant views). That’s what freedom of speech is all about, and we have to take the good with the bad.

    Same sex marriage is a good example. I would defend someone’s right to express their intolerance by voicing their personal disagreement to gay marriage, but I would never defend someone’s attempt to prevent gay people from marrying – that’s limiting the rights of others.

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