Ferguson Illuminates Our Racism

Source: NY Times:

WASHINGTON — WHEN Ferguson flared up this week after a grand jury failed to indict the white police officer Darren Wilson for killing the unarmed black youth Michael Brown, two realities were illuminated: Black and white people rarely view race in the same way or agree about how to resolve racial conflicts, and black people have furious moral debates among ourselves out of white earshot.


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  1. Can some one clear this aspect. After all why white police officers always take a colored youth as aggressive? It is not special to USA rather true in many other countries having predominantly white population. To me fault lies with colored people. Basing on vast experience with many colored natives I can safely say majority of colored people are genetically aggressive. In spite living so long in USA if black Africans could not improve this attitude then one has to ponder who actually at fault is on such incidents?

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