Day: November 23, 2014

Iran is shifting from pariah to possible future policeman of the Gulf Iran’s crisis – our crisis with Iran, if you like – is about that great and historic nation’s future geo-strategic role in the Middle East and Southeast Asia

by Robert Fisk, The Independent   Chatting with my favourite Lebanese banker-journalist before a trip to the Gulf last week, I asked him what he thought I should discuss with the investors and asset managers I was to talk to in Abu Dhabi. “Iran,” he said. “Whatever happens with the […]

Change the regime in Moscow?

Source: CNN (CNN) — With tensions simmering over the deadly crisis in Ukraine, Russia has accused the West of seeking regime change in Moscow, prompting renewed comparisons with the Cold War era. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov of Russia made the comments at an event Saturday as he attacked Western sanctions […]

Russia will not isolate itself

Source: AFP Russian president Vladimir Putin. — AFP/File MOSCOW: President Vladimir Putin said in an interview published Sunday that Russia did not want to isolate itself behind a new Iron Curtain, which he said would be disastrous for the country. Asked if Russia wanted to build new fences, he said, […]