Day: November 6, 2014

Canada closes the door on polygamous immigrants

JEDDAH: MD AL-SULAMI Published — Friday 7 November 2014 ARABNEWS OTTAWA: Canada’s Immigration Minister Chris Alexander has unveiled plans to ban entry to migrants who practice polygamy and what he termed “barbaric cultural practices.” The move follows a spate of so-called “honor” killings over the past decade involving immigrant families […]

Some of the earliest capitalist innovations in Italy—like rules on issuing credit—were imported from the Abbasid caliphate

The Economist: Capitalism through the ages A grand tour Experts look back at the economic system that dominates the Western world  The Cambridge History of Capitalism. Edited by Larry Neal and Jeffrey Williamson.Cambridge University Press; 1,400 pages; £150. Buy from, ECONOMICS publishing has recently undergone a great democratisation. […]

Why Can’t the Pentagon Kill the Islamic State’s Top Commanders? The U.S. military takes out terrorist leaders around the world, but it’s been unable to cut the head off of the Islamic State.

The United States and its coalition partners have conducted close to 800 airstrikes against Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria, hitting command-and-control facilities, training compounds, armored vehicles, oil refineries, supply trucks, artillery pieces, and bunkers. But there’s a notable absence from the target list: the Islamic State’s top leaders. […]

You don’t need a bank anymore?

Source: CNN The use of mobile phones to transfer money, make payments and access financial services has revolutionized the lives of millions of people who have never had access to traditional banking services. Particularly in emerging markets, “mobile money” means so much more than just a digital way to transact […]